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Make sure you are properly advised.

If you are using the enquiry form below you must fill in all of the fields and provide details of your name and telephone number. Please provide your reply e-mail address.

Please ensure that you complete the "Query or Comments" box with a summary of the matter upon which you are seeking assistance as this will enable us to pass your enquiry to the appropriate department. If you do not complete this we will NOT respond. Turners Solicitors LLP do not reply to unsolicited e-mails.

If you chose to use then you must provide the same information.

Please note that before we undertake any work or give any advice you will be required to sign our terms and conditions of business and provide evidence of identity and residence to satisfy our money laundering policy. 

Please be aware that although E-mail may be a convenient method of communication it is not always secure. E-mails sent by Turners Solicitors LLP are not encrypted and may contain client sensitive or confidential information. If you do not later wish to communicate by e-mail then you will need to advise us.