We will do everything possible to find the approach and settlement that works for you and your family in a way that keeps the emotional and financial costs to a minimum.

We offer a free half hour consultation to all new clients wanting advice about divorce, separation, children disputes in divorce and financial claims.

We are able to offer not only the traditional advice and representation provided to clients, but Simon Immins of the practice is an experienced and qualified collaborative lawyer. Collaborative law is a non confrontational approach to resolving issues arising out of the family or relationship breakdown. Please see www.resolution.org.uk or www.collaborativefamilylawyers.co.uk for more information.

We also frequently refer clients to other professionals (I.F.A’s, counsellors, accounants etc.) who can assist them.

Areas of Law

Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution
The breakdown of a former relationship is never easy. It can be difficult and often distressing. For many clients, who find themselves in a situation that they have never been in before, it is important that professional help and guidance is received.

This advice often ranges from issues regarding new living arrangements for the children, to dividing up the family finances.

Financial Arrangements upon Divorce – Financial Remedy (formerly-Ancillary Relief)
Whether you or your spouse is a high net worth individual or of more modest means all clients benefit from clear and concise advice. At Turners we have experience of advising clients with such diverse backgrounds as finance, entrepreneurs, serving military, sole-traders, farmers, partners in national firms of accountants and lawyers, property developers and those involved in the entertainment industry.

We have a great deal of experience on advising clients whose investments and assets range from overseas properties, family businesses, multinational companies, partnership interests, complex trust interests, off shore businesses, complex tax schemes (such as film finance schemes), pension investments etc.

Cohabitee Disputes
If you are living together, and your relationship breaks down it is important that you know your rights and entitlements. There is no such thing as common law marriage and the division of joint assets and untangling joint finances can be complicated.

Relationship Agreements
(Living together agreements, pre-marriage or pre-nuptial agreements)

If you are about to move in with your partner, marry or enter into a civil partnership then a relationship agreement can offer some comfort and protection for you both whatever the future holds.Click here to find out more about relationship agreements.

Parenting Issues and Children
Whatever the age children are vulnerable and almost always affected in some way by divorce and separation. Whether there is a dispute about where and with whom they should live, or how often contact should take place, we can help. We can also help with regards to discussing relocation, education, names etc.

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Unbundled legal advice. (Advising a litigant in person on the conduct of a case at points of the Lip's Choosing "drop in/drop out"). At Turners we do not provide Unbundled Legal services.