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Litigation is a process for resolving public and private legal disputes on civil matters through negotiation or through the Courts.

Dispute Resolution, often referred to as ADR or Mediation is the process of resolving disputes outside of the Court Process where simple negotiation cannot break a deadlock between parties .

All parties to disputes are now required to attempt to resolve the matters at issue by ADR or Mediation. A tailored mediation can be the ideal process for resolving commercial disputes. The appointment of a professional third party neutral commercial mediator will provide the structure within which a constructive and positive negotiation process can take place. The decision to settle and terms of agreement rest with the parties themselves, not the mediator and not a judge.

Nobody likes going to law, it can be costly and time consuming, but sometimes it is necessary and when that happens you will want a first-class lawyer on your side, some one who will give you sound pragmatic advice, will argue your case robustly and have your best interests in mind. Turners' experienced litigation/dispute resolution department can help in a wide range of private and commercial cases, High Court and County Court, in employment and other Tribunals and where disputes are dealt with through ADR, arbitration or mediation.

At Turners we have wide ranging experience and the ability to handle long and complex cases.

We are fortunate to have as our Senior Partner and Senior Litigator Kevin Whitlock. Kevin Regularly sits as a Deputy District Judge and has that incisive knowledge required to put you one step ahead of the other side.

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For advice on Divorce and Separation, please see the Family section.

Unbundled legal advice. (Advising a litigant in person on the conduct of a case at points of the Lip's Choosing "drop in/drop out"). At Turners we do not provide Unbundled Legal services.