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Without a will then on your death your estate will go to persons decided by law. This is called dying intestate and the rules of intestacy will apply. This may not be what you really want to happen. Make a will, get it right.

We offer a professional private client service which is comprehensive, competitive and accessible.

Our services cover the drafting of Wills Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney and the administration of estates, trusts, the personal financial affairs of clients and all ancillary   measures. To promote access to our services, where a client needs a home visit one can generally be arranged at no extra charge.

Since 2008 it is estimated that UK family trusts (which do not generate more than £500 pa income) have fallen by 18% from 195,000 to 160,500.

This is hardly surprising since during this period the Government has introduced the transferable nil rate band, which means that the surviving partners estate can be worth up to £650,000 before any inheritance tax is due;  and the special tax rate has been increased from 40% to 50% and the dividend trust rate increased from 32.5% to 42.5%    

But, there are however still many individual cases where discretionary trusts remain a good option.

They are particularly useful where widowed clients have remarried and wish to preserve family assets or where clients have business or agricultural property, and these trusts still present some investment and asset protection advantages. Any remarried Widow or Widower who has not revised their Will since October 2007 should do so without delay. Other types of trust including trusts set up by lifetime deed rather than by Will, continue to be useful tools for protecting the inheritance you wish to leave your chosen beneficiaries from the impact of some tax and nursing home fees.

Protecting and building the capital value and income yield of investments is critical to individuals and trustees. The need for professional financial advice has never been more apparent. 

Regulation precludes us from giving direct investment advice and so in order to service our clients needs we maintain a panel of independent financial advisors who have demonstrated to us, a proven track record and who have agreed to assist those clients we introduce to them.  

Contact  David Blackmore for Probate. For Trust matters contact Mike Shutler or  Simon Immins for all new Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.