You will want good information on costs so that our fees will not come as a surprise

We think that it is important that you have good information about the cost of what we will be doing for you because we know that you do not want hidden surprises!

Residential Conveyancing. We will always provide you with a costs estimate but are also able to quote you a fee on request for buying or selling your house; there will be no hidden extras.

Third Party Funding. With a growing number of first time or other buyers obtaining help from family members or where the "Bank of Mum and Dad" are contributing to the purchase price you must tell us about this at the beginning so that we are aware of the source of all funds. We require all third party funders to be identified and to provide full details as to the provenance of those funds. These funds may be savings, an inheritance, a bonus , a dividend or from some other legitimate source; in all cases we must satisfy our requirements to Money Laundering.

Unbundled legal advice. (Advising a litigant in person on the conduct of a case at points of the Lip's Choosing "drop in/drop out"). At Turners we do not provide Unbundled Legal services.

All Other Matters. We will always be open about what you will have to pay. The fees we charge are based upon the time spent on your case and the level of professional responsibility we take. We look at what is at risk and the benefit to you. The level of responsibility depends upon the nature and the complexity of the matter and the value of the liabilities you are seeking to avoid or the benefit which you hope to achieve. This will determine the personnel to be engaged and the hourly rate. We will always tell you how much we think your case will cost to deal with or to complete your transaction. We are also happy to provide quotations for simple wills, lasting powers of attorney and other straight forward transactions where the amount of work should be predictable.

In complex cases or where the work depends heavily upon the actions of third parties over whom we have no control we will estimate our likely fee as best we can given the information available to us at that time.

Of course in some matters it will not be possible to tell you exactly how much your case will cost you because circumstances or evidence may change, we will then from time to time review any estimates which we have given during the case and will notify you of our revised estimate. Where necessary we will seek your approval to proceed further.

We are happy to agree a limit on expenditure and approach cases on a stage by stage basis if necessary but we do insist that our fees are paid within terms (14 days) and we do expect you to pay for disbursements (fees that we are required to pay out) and an on account sum in advance. If you have a case that is likely to be ongoing then we are happy for you to set up a direct debit arrangement in our favour based upon our estimate for costs. 

We will deliver interim bills on a regular basis (usually monthly) so that we can keep you up-to-date with the costs of the case as they arise.

At the conclusion of your case we will provide you with a final bill for all the work which we have done, giving credit for all interim bills delivered and paid.

We will also appraise you of any potential liability to meet the costs of any other party involved in a case or transaction and of the opportunities of reducing or insuring against such exposure.

Unless you have been given a quote our fees will be based upon hourly rates, details of these are available upon request and we will always confirm the rate when we take on any work for you.

Our hourly rates are reviewed periodically to reflect increases in overhead costs and inflation. Normally rates are reviewed with effect from 1st January each year. If a review is carried out before the matter has been concluded, we will inform you of any variation in the rate before it takes effect.

Turners Solicitors LLP do not provide free or Pro Bono Legal Advice except on Divorce and Separation matters where we offer a free half hour consultation.